Summer work experience at Tesco

Start Date:
Programme Type:
Work Experience
£150 weekly
Review Date:
July 2019

Review Score

7.8 /10

1. Please give an overview of what your work experience involved:


At Tesco i began work experience in june/july 2018 and it was over summer during the holidays (so roughly until the start of september). i was working on both the tills as well as the shop floor and also in the warehouse a little too. i was getting a lot of difference experience with different members of staff.

2. What training and skills development did you learn from your work experience?


From my work experience i learnt how to engage with customers and work on the tills. It was fairly easy to pick up as i do a lot of shopping and i already had previous experience at a retailer. I enjoyed talking to different people and gaining some different experiences throughout the shop.

3. To what extent did you enjoy your work experience?


As previously mentioned, i really enjoyed working on the tills and speaking to different customers. I liked learning more about how Tesco operates as a company as well and i liked making friends with some of the staff. Sometimes it would get a little boring/mundane with tasks but i understand that's like any job.

4. How well organised was your work experience?


It was fairly well organised. A member of staff always made sure I was looked after and prepared for my task or jobs around the store. I had a rota as well and also spoke to a range of personnel about possible jobs and other work i could get through Tesco.

5. How much did you learn about the company culture and what it would be like to work there?


I learnt quite a lot about the company culture as well as how their business operates and also their personal targets/aims etc. I was given a couple of leaflets to look at which were quite interesting and they outlined how Tesco runs as a business and how they operate as well.

6. How much did your work experience help you in deciding on your future career path?


I have not yet fully decided on my career path. I tend to move around quite a lot and travel for family reasons so i find it currently difficult to secure a full time job in one location/. I enjoy a range of experience at various company's and i enjoyed my experience with Tesco.

7. Were you paid or reimbursed for this experience?


i was paid £150 for the work i did at Tesco. They said that there were opening for a few different positions in the nearby area and that because i had previously worked and had experience with them i had a good chance of getting into a work position that i was happy with.

8. Were there opportunities for networking and meeting other employees?


Yes, as i took part in a rage of jobs within the business i met a few different employees who were all very friendly and welcoming towards me. I went on an evening out with a few of the guys who worked there as well and went to a couple of local pubs which was nice to do with my colleagues.

9a. Would you recommend Tesco to a friend?


9b. Why?

The work experience was really good and i learned a lot about the company and opportunities it has for a range of people. I think that their core values are really good and from talking to different members of staff they seem to treat all their employees really well too.

10. What tips or advice would you give to others applying to Tesco?

I would say to just go to your local store and ask someone if they have any job opportunities or if they were willing to take on someone looking for work experienced. If you're willing to do voluntary experience for a few weeks then this may be a good place to get your foot in the door so to speak.

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