Where are school leaver opportunities based across the country?

Start your school leaver careers search locally When it comes to tracking school leaver programmes for students, your local area can actually be a great place to start your hunt. That’s because lots of smaller, more localised businesses – typically small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) or companies – will offer student school leaver programmes of some kind. It can be as simple as doing a quick (or more detailed if you prefer) Google search for businesses near you, finding their contact details and giving them a call or sending an email to ask about the possibility of getting involved in a school leavers programme. You never know what you might stumble across.

Branch out: where to find UK school leaver programmes

If you’re looking for something at a larger company or in a more diversified, national industry, you can get a great idea of what UK school leaver programmes exist from our bulging reviews pages (by clicking here). We have thousands of reviews about nationally-spread businesses, so you can find out what companies have 2015 UK school leaver programmes near you or in your region. Our publication, “A School Leaver’s Guide to Career Options 2015“, also has lots more information about where you can find the Top 30 Employers’ school leaver programmes located around the country. For example, PwC school leavers programmes can be found in a wide range of locations, including the UK’s major urban hubs like Belfast, Birmingham, Leeds, London and Manchester. Similarly, Deloitte school leavers opportunities are listed as being nationwide, while EY school leaver schemes can be found in cities like Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool and of course the capital, London. To find out in much more detail exactly where the Top 30 Employers’ school leaver programmes UK 2015 can be found, check out the full guide here today.

London leads the way for school leaver opportunities

As the UK’s capital city, London naturally has the lion’s share of school leavers programmes, due to the fact that many of the country’s top companies have headquarters based there. Unlike many other industries that are very heavily London-centric, school leaver schemes are at least far more evenly spread around the UK. Depending on the type of school leaver programme that you embark on, you may get some support if you need to move to London. If you find that your perfect school leavers schemes are indeed based in London, consider asking friends or family that live there (if you happen to know any) if you can stay with them for the duration. As many businesses that run school leaver programmes UK have regional offices, it might be worth asking if you can rotate between them or work out of a different one if moving to London’s too much of an ask. There’s no harm in asking the question and if you impress the company enough, they may be able to work out an arrangement for you. Remember to check “A School Leaver’s Guide to Career Options 2015” and our hefty reviews section to find summer school leaver programmes 2015 / 2016 near you. Examples of London school leaver programmes from our reviews pages:
  • Risk Analyst at BDO
  • Business Trainee at Close Brothers
  • Audit Associate at Deloitte
  • Trainee Tax Advisor at EY
  • Audit Associate at Grant Thornton
  • Hot Chef at Pret A Manger
  • Expatriate Tax Advisor at PwC
  • IT Service Manager Trainee at Schroders
  • Commerical School Leaver – Trading at TUI UK
  • Account Handler at Willis
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