Visit to EY HQ

In October 2018, the RateMyApprenticeship team visited EY’s HQ in London to pick the brains of some of their current apprentices. In this video series, we find out why they chose to do an apprenticeship, who their biggest influencers are, and what advice they’d give to those thinking of applying.

Josh Baker, Digital Degree Apprentice

Josh is a Digital Degree Apprentice at EY. 

Josh chose to do an apprenticeship as he never liked the idea of going to university and learning in a classroom setting. Instead, he prefers to take what he’s learnt and apply it straight away in the workplace. His brother also did an apprenticeship, and was a step ahead of his friends that went to university!

“What’s best for your friends might not be best for you”

Rozalie Boyle, Business Apprentice

Rozalie, Third Year Business Apprentice in the Transactions Dept at EY.

Rozalie was inspired to do an apprenticeship by her Dad, who has worked in business his whole life. She had offers from Russell Group universities but chose to do an apprenticeship when a friend in the industry told her the EY scheme would be more worthwhile. Rozalie found out about EY through their Business Academy Summer School - this was made up of 3 days work experience and 2 days of employability workshops, which covered CV building, personal statements and presenting skills.

“Do an apprenticeship as employers are looking for experience over qualifications, you also get decently paid and you can have the social life of a uni student - but have money at the same time!”

Frankie Scrivener, Digital Apprentice

Frankie is a Digital Apprentice at EY.

Frankie chose to do an apprenticeship so that he could gain work experience in London whilst working toward a debt-free degree. He enjoys the social side of apprenticeships, and how EY is an inclusive, sociable place to work - he’s met a group of people he can really call his friends and has even travelled around the UK to meet them!

“100% go for it - you might miss the opportunity and regret it in the future!”

Rosie, Digital Apprentice

Rosie is a Digital Apprentice in People Advisory Services at EY.

Rosie’s favourite perk at EY is the family feel - everyone is welcoming, there’s a close-knit team and the opportunity to get involved in lots of clubs (including Bake Off!). She didn’t feel passionate enough about a subject to go to university, and she knew an apprenticeship was a great alternative route because her brother did one. She carried out a lot of independent research to find the apprenticeship at EY.

“If you don’t want to go to uni, just have a look - there are loads of things out there to try!”

Pratyush Jain, Business Apprentice

PJ is a Business Apprentice at EY.

Outside of work, PJ is quite the sportsman - he enjoys cycling, hockey, cricket and football! He found out about EY through his parents, and reading the reviews on RateMyApprenticeship, which helped him choose the right company for him. The best part about working at EY for PJ is getting to work on cases that involve high profile clients, as well as networking with people he wouldn’t otherwise come across.

“Do your research, it can be quite a daunting choice to make but have a look at what the right choice is for you!”

Have these stories inspired you to apply? Search apprenticeship vacancies at EY here.