The Avengers: which apprenticeships would suit the heroes?

apprenticeship search to find their ideal role, we’re pretty sure this is what they’d go for…

The Avengers: Tony Stark A.K.A. Iron Man

After knocking together his Iron Man suit from whatever bits of metal he could find lying around, we think Tony Stark would be a natural fit for engineering apprenticeships. There are many such apprenticeships, school leaver programmes and sponsored degree programmes he could pick from. He could find himself working for top companies like General Electric, Jaguar Land Rover, GlaxoSmithKline and Costain, to name just a few. Rather than flying around firing rockets like he does in The Avengers film, Tony Stark could be involved in carrying out vehicle crash testing and CAE (computer-aided engineering) at Jaguar Land Rover, as this review describes. If you fancy trying your hand at engineering, why not find out more about mechanical engineering apprenticeships from our reviews? Click here to see them.

The Avengers: Dr Bruce Banner A.K.A. the Hulk

While the Hulk himself probably wouldn’t be the greatest example of a model employee, due to his tendency to get angry and break things, his alter ego of Dr Bruce Banner would be. Considered to be a scientific genius, we think he’d be a good fit for science school leaver schemes or IT apprenticeships. Companies that offer such apprenticeship vacancies include Japanese multinational Fujitsu, the National Physical Laboratory and Bright Future Software. These types of apprenticeship can be found across the country, from the north-west to the midlands and south-east, so Dr Bruce Banner should be able to find one regardless of where he ends up after one of the hulk’s rampages. The kind of tasks involved in these apprenticeship vacancies include “asset management and database management” (Fujitsu review), operating as a “software developer working full time” (Bright Future Software review) and carrying out “corporate calibrations on a spectrophotometer” (National Physical Laboratory review). If you fancy trying your hand at scientific or IT apprenticeships, why not find out more about them from these reviews? Click here to see them.

The Avengers: Thor

In The Avengers movies, Thor is often seen trying to juggle the responsibility of helping to rule his own world of Asgard while defending the Earth by swinging a giant hammer. That’s why we think Thor would be a good fit for the business world, thanks to his history of diplomacy and strategic thinking. Luckily for him, there are many business apprenticeships available that he can choose from. For example, he could decide to work as a business analyst for Capgemini in London, or work as a financial analyst for IBM in Manchester, or even as a product and broking executive with Aon. Business is a wide-ranging term that also dips its toe into the world of accountancy apprenticeships and finance apprenticeships, so there are plenty of different disciplines to get involved in. Check out the full range of business apprenticeships that you could be involved in by clicking here.

The Avengers: Loki

This is a bit of a curveball seeing as Loki isn’t actually in the list of Avengers. But we thought that, with his meticulous nature, sharp wit and ability to sweet talk his way to what we wants, he’d be a good fit for legal apprenticeships. There are many great opportunities for school leavers who are interested in a future career in law. For example, you could work for a legal firm like Pinsent Masons, which has great opportunities across the country. On these school leaver schemes you could be doing anything from shadowing trainee solicitors to carrying out research tasks and working alongside paralegals. To take a look at our hundreds of legal scheme reviews, click here.]]>