Sponsored degree programmes: how far can you go?

How to get a degree without paying thousands in tuition fees What’s the secret? How can you nab a university degree without getting yourself into a mountain student debt? Well it’s not quite some kind of magic backdoor or loophole – rather, it’s a sponsored degree programme. This is a type of school leaver programme. Sponsored degree programmes have a number of enticing benefits. Essentially, they’re a way of earning a degree while also getting paid AND gaining professional work experience with a company.

How do sponsored degrees in the UK work?

On one of these sponsored degrees UK, you’ll split your time between studying on university courses and working for the company that’s sponsoring you and paying the university’s tuition fees. Think of it as a kind of part time degree whereby you get to graduate with a bachelor degree, no student debt and work experience for your CV.

How will your time be split between your studies and working for the company?

Each scheme is likely to be at least slightly different, but broadly speaking you could find yourself working for most of the week at the company, while spending a day studying towards your university degrees UK. This could be on campus at the company’s partner university, or remotely via distance learning. On the other hand, you may actually go to university on a full-time basis, but spend your holidays working for the company, so you’ll get extended periods of time doing each thing. Of course, if you exceed expectations while working for the company, they may also use this as a chance to weigh up your potential as an employee and offer you a job upon graduation. After all, you’ve pretty much been working for them on a permanent basis during your sponsored degree anyway, so it makes sense to offer you a full time job.

Companies’ links with universities

The companies that offer these employer sponsored degree schemes often run them alongside a particular university. This is an important consideration because it could help you decide which school leaver programme to apply for. For example, if you don’t want to go to a certain university or do a certain degree for whatever reason, it may mean you have to rule out some sponsored degree programmes. Of course, the benefits of having your course fees paid for may outweigh the con of having to go to a certain university or do a certain degree. Saying that, if it’s a subject you’re not interested or dislike it’s probably best to avoid it. For example, you don’t want to end up doing an engineering degree if it’s really business studies that you’re passionate about.

What’s the benefit for the company offering the sponsored degree programme?

What’s in it for the company you may wonder? After all, it’s a big commitment to fund someone’s university studies. Well, by getting you onboard, the company is able to train you up and mold you into someone with the right skills to help the business succeed. Someone who gains experience with the company while studying is going to have much more practical knowledge by the time they graduate, which is good for all involved. * How would you like to be in with a chance of winning an iPad? All you have to do is sign up for an account with us. Click here to sign up for your FREE RateMyApprenticeship account. We have hundreds and hundreds of company reviews online. These have been written by students like you. Check them out here to see who you’d like to work for. Have you seen our student advice section yet? If not, you’re missing out on loads of great hints and tips. Click here to take a look now.]]>