Skills you can develop on school leaver programmes

type of school leaver programme you go for, you can gain both academic knowledge and practical skills. The practical abilities you will develop stem from being able to work in a professional environment within a business. These include everything from time-management skills and being able to work effectively in teams to hitting company goals and getting involved in meetings. All of these qualities are great things to have under your belt and will also polish up your CV nicely for future recruiters. As the company is likely to be focusing on your personal progression during a school leaver programme, you may also get to work in different departments, which is typically called rotation. Splitting your time between studying for professional qualifications while working for an employer will also allow you to take some responsibility for your own development and learn about the industry in detail.

Entry requirements for school leaver programmes and grades you may need

Many routes for school leavers will be sought after, but some schemes will be more competitive than others. For this reason, make sure you do your research about what the entry requirements are before you apply, so that you know what’s need from you. This will also give you an idea of the grades you need, so if you’re still studying in school you know what you need to aim for, and if you’ve already left school you know which schemes to spend your time applying to. To give you an idea of what companies look for, here are just a few entry requirements for school leavers programmes 2015 / 2016 (you can also find these in our online guide here):
  • Aldi – English and maths, GCSE or equivalent, grade C or greater
  • BDO – 280 UCAS points (excluding general studies), plus at least grade B for GCSE English and maths
  • PwC – you’ll need to be heading for 240+ UCAS points for PwC school leavers and college leaver schemes
  • Deloitte – Heart set on the Deloitte school leavers scheme? You’ll need A or B in GCSE maths and A-C in GCSE English language, plus 300+ UCAS points
  • EY – For the EY school leaver programme, you’ll need grade B or higher in GCSE maths and English language, plus a predicted 300 UCAS points
  • TUI – 280 UCAS points, predicted or achieved (pretty straightforward this one…)
  • Willis – A-level grades (or equivalent UCAS points) BBC (for London) or CCC for Ipswich and regional offices.
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