Start of the academic year 2016!

Don’t be scared of the new academic year, we’re here to help you prepare!

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Just as the weather starts to perk up (good old Great Britain!), summer is almost over and you’re no doubt preparing yourself for another year of madness. You know, the usual academic year; the ups, the downs, the laughs and the cries. But in this post we want to share with you some industry insights to help you feel prepared and pumped to get your pupils excited about their future!

Although the last school year ended in July, the world of education certainly did not stand still over the last few weeks and months. Some key events such as A-level results day and GCSE results day had you no doubt nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time as you know how tough it can be on your students. With A-level results day becoming a record breaker for the highest number of students getting a place at university, and GCSE results day also proving a record breaking year with the biggest ever year-on-year decline in grades.

Although there are many facts and figures, media stories and statistics that show the general trends, we know you’re probably much more concerned about your students. Their futures, their hopes, dreams and aspirations and how you can help them get there. If that feels like a difficult task, with so many options available to your pupils, we’re here to help!

You may have seen in the news (in between sunning yourself and building sandcastles), that the apprenticeship levy has been confirmed for April 2017. There is uncertainty around how this will affect apprenticeship schemes in the UK but hopefully there will be more of them, in a wider range of industries and qualifications. A significant amount of money will be invested into more training opportunities from both employers and the government so watch this space. Also with the introduction of DEGREE APPRENTICESHIPS the quite often negative stigma of apprenticeships should hopefully start to change, as more pupils take on the option to gain debt-free qualifications alongside invaluable work and industry experience. Find out more about apprenticeships here  and degree apprenticeships here so you can feel fully equipped to educate your students.

If you didn’t already know, we produce an annual, free ‘School Leavers Guide’. So, if you have your 2016 editions at the ready, make sure you utilise these to talk pupils through their options and the kinds of industries and employers they could work in and for. If you don’t have the 2016 guides, you can see a digital version here and you can also pre-order the 2017 School Leavers Guide here. We’ll make sure you get these sent out to you as soon as they become available in January!

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