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Why should you encourage students to review?

  1. Peer-to-peer reviews are a brilliant resource to help educate students/prospective candidates on their future career options

  2. Reviews provide honest and genuine feedback for school leavers to help educate and inform them about your opportunities

  3. Reviews provide fantastic research for you as an employer to find out about school leavers’ experiences and how to improve your scheme

  4. Free branding and awareness of your company as your reviews will appear on the website for all school leavers to browse

  5. School leavers use the reviews during the application process to help them with preparing for interviews and assessment centres

  6. School leavers are more likely to apply for a role after reading a review from one of their trusted peers

  7. All reviews are moderated by a member of the RMA team before they go live to ensure comments are constructive

  8. All school leavers who review their experiences will receive a £5 Amazon voucher, provided they leave eight quality comments (see T&Cs)

  9. By encouraging reviews, you could be eligible to be part of our exclusive Top Employers Table, which benchmarks the best school leaver employers in the market

Anyone mention a £5 Amazon voucher? The reviews include questions around the role, organisation and social aspects of a student’s experience. RateMyApprenticeship also offers a £5 Amazon voucher for every student who completes a review, provided they meet our T&Cs! The reviews are not only important for providing a fantastic insight for students and employers, they also fuel the The Top Employers Table, which is released annually in January through a national PR campaign. This exclusive table forms the basis of our unique publication, A School Leaver’s Guide to Career Options, of which 40,000 are printed and distributed to all schools across the UK. How to become and part of the Top Employers Table You will find some support materials below to start the review encouragement – (the email template is fool proof) – and once you have encouraged a minimum of 10 reviews by the Wednesday 31st May 2017, you will then be eligible to be ranked as a Top Employer within the school leaver market as voted for by your students. The competition is high so we would always recommend starting the review encouragement early each year (January time). How can you encourage students to review? We’ve created a toolkit to make your life a little easier when encouraging reviews from your students! Find them all below or download the entire toolkit here.

Hints & Tips

Email Template

Review your apprenticeship experience and grab yourself a £5 Amazon gift certificate!

We hope you are enjoying/enjoyed your time with us. We value your feedback, therefore could you please submit a review of your experiences on RateMyApprenticeship.

RateMyApprenticeship is a new website allowing you to rate and review your experiences with us. Reviews only take 5–10 minutes and providing you meet our terms and conditions, you’ll receive a £5 gift certificate for!

Your review also provides students following in your footsteps with a unique insight into your role and the company which will be hugely beneficial to potential applicants as well as constructive feedback for us growing the scheme.

Click on the link below to get started!

Social Media Templates

Tweet: Don’t forget to review your programme at RateMyApprenticeship for a free £5 Amazon voucher! Facebook: Would you like a free £5 Amazon Voucher? Would you like the chance to say you’ve worked for a Top Apprenticeship Employer? Would you like to help future students choose their next steps? Head over to RateMyApprenticeship to review your programme with us! Great way to let students know what a fantastic time you’ve had working with us!]]>