RateMyApprenticeship's 12 Tips of Christmas!

1. Don’t Have a Nightmare Before Christmas…

Remember to write down those all-important deadline dates so you submit your application on time! If you’ve forgotten them, we recommend you add them to your list, and check them twice on our website! See our latest jobs and their deadlines here nightmare before xmas                  

2. Don’t be like Harry and Marv from Home Alone.

How we hear you ask?! Well, they didn’t do their research on little Kevin McCallister and his clever traps which ultimately led to their failure. Make sure you thoroughly research the company you are applying to if you’re completing an apprenticeship or similar application! https://youtu.be/6D-u3Y0G118

3. In the words of Mariah Carey, All I want for Christmas is…. A Dictionary!

It may sounds obvious, but be sure to ALWAYS check your spelling and grammar in applications! A great way to double check? Ask someone else to take a look over your application before you submit it!

4. Don’t forget to attach your CV or Cover Letter to an application email

If you think you’ll forget, here’s Will saying it again for you: https://youtu.be/619etSswIW8

5. How to Actually Love public speaking…

Read our blogpost on everything you need to know about presentations and public speaking here

6. Imagine yo’elf in the role!

We have over 7000 reviews from school and college leavers like you who have completed apprenticeships and similar programmes with some of the UK’s top employers! Find out what it would actually be like to work for a company or to do an apprenticeship by giving them a read here! If you read all 7000, you will really be able to imagine yo’elf in the role.

7. Don’t be a muppet, decide what you’re wearing the day before!

Deciding what to wear for an interview or assessment centre can be quite stressful. Our most important piece of advice is to make sure you check out what the dress code is before you attend! Many employers will ask for smart office dress but others may say smart/casual or even casual, it will all depend on the organisation. If you’re unsure email in advance to avoid any confusion; once you know make sure you have everything prepared the night before because chances are you’re going to have an early start!

8. If you’ve got an Assessment Centre coming up? Here’s our advice for how to tackle the group exercise…


9. Top Telephone Interview Tips

We’ve written you a fabulous blogpost on the best way to prepare for a telephone or video interview because we know it can be a daunting experience. You can read it here!

10. Deadlines are coming!

Whether it’s coursework, exams or applications, the chances are you have deadlines coming up! Try not to panic. We know that is easier said that done but we recommend managing your time by creating a timetable or plan that will allow you to stay on top of everything you’ve got to do. We know this can be difficult at Christmas time so make sure you strike the right balance between work and play! If you want to apply for an apprenticeship or similar programme and are unsure of the deadlines, take a look at our roles here and find out when they’re open until. Many do close before the end of December, so make sure you get those applications in as soon as possible.

11. Feast on this…

Our 11th Tip of Christmas is to give this festively themed blogpost on helping you find a job a read! We somehow managed to link Home Alone and finding a job together and you can find out more here

12. Okay so this isn’t exactly a tip but…

From everyone at RateMyApprenticeship, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas! We hope you found our tips useful and good luck if you’re applying for an Apprenticeship or similar type of school leaver programme now or in the new year!

One more thing…

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