The National Schools Employability Challenge 2019!

Test and improve your employability with PwC and in this year’s National Schools Employability Challenge.

You’re probably now at the stage of your education where the reality of becoming an adult is edging closer. Maybe you’ve browsed through a few university brochures, or seeing as you’re here, you may have considered and begun to research doing an apprenticeship. The reality is that there are so many options out there!

The working world is ever expanding and so are your opportunities. However, as your opportunities increase, so does the competition; there was an average of 29 applications for each apprenticeship and school leaver scheme last year! It’s crucial you stand out; whether it’s for a part-time job or an apprenticeship.

The National Schools Employability Challenge (NSEC) is here to help you do just that. Take the first step into your world outside of school or college and post A-levels by finding out just how employable you are, strengthening your CV and developing your employability skills along the way.

What does it mean to be employable?

Employability refers to the attributes, attitude, skill sets, understandings and knowledge that an employee has that makes them an asset to their employer. The practical nature of employability is transferrable, fluid, and most importantly, constantly developing.  The more employable you are, the more likely an employer will want you on their team.

The National Schools Employability Challenge is an awesome and easy way to develop your employability skills and understand the job application process more fully. Through online and interactive experiences, the Challenge aims to demonstrate the mindset that an employer will be in when considering your application.

How does NSEC work?

All you have to do is answer a series of online, employability-based questions which help you test and improve your employability and skills needed for your chosen career. The questions are designed based on 10 key skills PwC have identified as important for the world of work. 

One of the Big Four Auditors, PwC supports businesses in big deals and big changes, gives professional advice on tax, IT, risks, sustainability, and of course, helping them make sure they’re profitable. Adding “The National Schools Employability Challenge 2019 with PwC” is sure to make your CV stand out!