Kaplan’s Learn Better Podcast: Diversity in Accounting

“Never underestimate your ability to have influence.”

So, what is diversity? Is there enough of it in our professional industries and can companies benefit from embracing it more?

UK accountancy and professional training company, Kaplan, recently launched a new podcast and this new episode explores the important issue of diversity within the sector.

Kaplan's Learn Better Podcast
The Kaplan’s learn better podcast launched back in August and features some of the best entrepreneurs and thinkers in the sector. It aims to support past, present and future students to succeed in both their studies and careers.

Joined by Co-found of New Gen Accountants (NGA), Alice Olafare, this episode explores what diversity is, why it is important within the accounting profession, and how to champion it and give longevity to the movements that have taken place over the past year.

“Make it a movement, not a moment”

- Alice Olafare, Co-founder of New Gen Accountants

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Alice explains that ‘diversity’ is the uniqueness that every person holds. It is something that should be celebrated and encouraged. Whether it be ethnicity, gender association, socio-economic background, faith or anything else, it is what makes them, ‘them’.

We get to hear her personal experiences and what led her to co-founding the NGA community initiative. She also addresses the challenges diverse candidates may face, the resources they can lean on for support, and the additional pressure diverse candidates feel to represent their community.

Improving diversity and pushing for equal representation can often be hard work, but the benefits are more than worth it. Diversity within the workplace is beneficial for everyone, often people with similar backgrounds will think in a similar way. 

However, with a diverse workforce you gain diversity of thought and this can provide a more holistic view helping you to develop solutions from different perspectives.

Not only does diversity help impact a business’s output, but it will also impact employees. If a place of work is perceived well, it often will do better as more people want to work there and in turn you will likely be paid more.

“Never underestimate your ability to have influence.”

- Alice Olafare, Co-founder of New Gen Accountants

But, we still need people to keep pushing for diversity in different spaces when opportunities are provided. This doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul, start off small and speak up, be that voice.

Listen to the episode and join the discussion. Tune in now.

This blog is guest written by Kaplan.

Kaplan is a leading financial and accountancy training provider with over 70 years of experience. Used by some of the UK’s top accountancy and FTSE 100 firms, the company trains over 10,000 apprentices every year - inspiring career success.