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Dear all IT enthusiasts,

If you’re interested in a career in IT, and you don’t fancy the A-level and university route, perhaps you should consider an advanced apprenticeship in IT. IT advanced apprenticeships are an opportunity for you to work for an IT company, and gain great qualifications.

Keep reading for a guide to IT advanced apprenticeships… we’ll explain how they work, where you can find vacancies, and we’ll give you five reasons why you simply have to apply.

For a detailed overview of advanced apprenticeships (also called level 3 apprenticeships), read our Guide to Advanced Apprenticeships. It has all the information you need, and a little bit more…

What is an advanced apprenticeship in IT?

IT advanced apprenticeships are schemes which have been designed for school leaver’s aged 16 or above. If you have finished your GCSEs, and you’re attracted to a career in IT, an advanced apprenticeship is an alternative to doing A-levels. An advanced apprenticeship is a programme that combines on-the-job training with academic work. Advanced apprentices work for an IT or technology company on full-time basis, learning practical skills as they perform a specific role for the company. At the same time, apprentices will work towards nationally certified qualifications. If you do an advanced apprenticeship, you will be paid a wage for the duration of your scheme. Furthermore, you will be fee-free, without giant debts that lie in wait to scare you when you finish your apprenticeship.

“With an apprenticeship, you’re learning and getting paid at the same time, also getting the experience you need that a degree doesn’t give you”

Here is a short video, in which three school leavers talk about their experiences as an IT advanced apprentice.

How do IT advanced apprenticeships work?

Advanced apprentices in IT split their time between studying at a college/training provider, and working for an IT or technology company. The basic structure of an advanced apprenticeship depends on the company that is running the scheme. You might spend four days in a week working with your employer, and one day a week studying at college. In contrast, you could be working for three or four consecutive weeks, and then spend an entire week at college. When you finish your apprenticeship, you will have a work-based, academic qualification, and substantial work experience. These schemes last between 18 and 24 months.

What qualifications will I receive?

If you complete an advanced apprenticeship in IT, you will be awarded with…
  • Level 3 Competence Qualification
  • Key Skills
  • knowledge based certificate (such as a BTEC)
These qualifications are the equivalent of two A-levels. If you want to continue your training, an advanced apprenticeship will also qualify you for a higher apprenticeship in IT.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for IT advanced apprenticeships can vary from company to company. However, employers generally look for students who have completed an intermediate apprenticeship, or have 5 GCSEs (A* – C), ideally including English and Maths. If you want to know the entry requirements for a specific scheme, it’s best to check the information on the employer’s website or vacancy page.

IT Advanced Apprenticeships: Reviews

There were over 188,000 advanced apprenticeship starts last year! With such a high number of schemes in such a wide-range of industries, it can be tricky finding the right course to apply for. When you consider IT advanced apprenticeships can last between 18-24 months, it’s crucial to do some research before you apply for a scheme. RateMyApprenticeship has over 2,500 reviews of advanced apprenticeships. The reviews are written by school leavers, who have finished, or who are currently doing an advanced apprenticeship. They are a perfect place to start your research of schemes offered by some of the UK’s biggest IT companies. The reviews provide an insight into programme content, the structure of the scheme and the opportunities available outside of work. Moreover, apprentices reveal information about salary, and the support they received from the company they worked for. Each review can offer you a valuable insight into what it’s like to be an advanced apprentice at an IT company. You can use the experiences of past apprentices, to find the perfect scheme. Click here to start reading our reviews of advanced apprenticeships in IT.

Why should I do an advanced apprenticeship in IT?

An advanced apprenticeship in IT is a cracking opportunity for you to take your first steps towards a career in IT. Here are five reasons why you simply have to apply for a scheme.
  1. If you do an IT advanced apprenticeship, you will be working with experienced professionals within the IT industry. This is a marvellous opportunity to learn from experts in the field. In addition, the people you work with could be useful contacts to have for your future career.
  2. An advanced apprenticeship is also a pathway to higher education. 19% of advanced apprentices progress to higher education! Whether it be a higher apprenticeship, degree apprenticeship or a regular university degree, an advanced apprenticeship will qualify you for a range of fantastic higher education schemes.
  3. You will be awarded with qualifications that are nationally certified, and respected by employers across the UK.
  4. Advanced apprentices in IT earn a wage for the duration of their programme. Furthermore, there are no fees to pay or debts to worry about when you have completed the apprenticeship. If you do an advanced apprenticeship, you will be earning while you’re learning. It’s called living the dream.
  5. All advanced apprentices are highly employable! The academic training, combined with substantial on-the-job training, provides advanced apprentices with the qualifications, practical skills and experience needed to get a job in the IT sector.
If you’re ready for a career in IT, choose an advanced apprenticeship.
An advanced apprenticeship is a marvellous pathway towards a career in IT. Take your first steps today, and check out our jobs page. View jobs → For more advice about apprenticeships and job opportunities sent straight to your inbox, sign up with RateMyApprenticeship. It’s free! Register here →