FIVE things Home Alone can teach you about finding a job…

Don’t be forgotten Kevin was left at home when his parents left for a holiday vacation to Paris. His parents forgot about him. Don’t let your job application be left behind in a sea of potential candidates in the same way. Your CV and Cover Letter need to be on point. They need to stand out from the crowd. Your application should represent you, your experience, hobbies, strengths and skills. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a couple of helpful blog posts on CV and Cover Letters (which also include handy templates). giphy-13

Be proactive

When finding an opportunity like an Apprenticeship or School Leaver Programme, you need to be proactive and go out on your own. Think of when Kevin goes shopping for groceries. He fancied a snack. He went out and got it. Kevin was proactive, be like Kevin. An employer won’t come and find you, you need to go out and find the opportunities yourself. RateMyApprenticeship is here to help you find those opportunities! Start your search here. giphy-7

Always be prepared

For a job application, there is a lot to prepare for. You might have to write a cover letter, create a CV or prepare for an interview and an assessment centre. Take a leaf out of Kevin’s book. He spent days preparing booby-traps for the burglars, Harry and Marv. He did his research, he put the hours in. There’s no harm in over preparing, especially if it is an opportunity you really want. giphy-12

Think on the spot

Kevin prepared ingenious booby-traps for the burglars, but he still had to think on his feet. As he is pursued by Harry and Marv, he immobilises Marv by putting a tarantula on his face. Nice one Kev. When applying for a job, you may find an employer wants you to complete an online test or a telephone interview at short notice. Don’t panic. Organise the time you do have to prepare by gathering information on the company and practising online tests. giphy-9

Make use of people around you

You’ve done your research, you’ve nailed your application and have been proactive throughout the process. However, don’t be afraid to admit when you need help from people around you. Even after Kevin went out on his own for groceries, prepared traps for Harry and Marv and even improvised with spiders, in the end he still relied on his neighbour Old Man Marley to save the day! Whether it be your parents, teachers, siblings or friends, there is no shame in asking those people around you for advice and support with your applications! giphy-10

What next? Start your search today!

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