Different school leaver programme types: find the perfect one

school leavers programme – because you start them after leaving school. However, school leaver programmes also exist in their own right as a route that school leavers can follow, as opposed to apprenticeships, traineeships or sponsored degree programmes.

Benefits for you of doing a school leaver programme

There are plenty of plus points for those of you who are interested in school leavers schemes. These include the fact that certain employers in certain industries offer young people the chance to work towards a degree or accredited professional qualifications in addition to gaining work experience with them. Not only can you get the best of both worlds, but often companies will even stump up the cash and PAY towards the cost of your education, meaning you’re not left out of pocket.

Benefits to businesses offering school leaver opportunities

It costs the company time and money to provide the best jobs for school leavers, so why do they do it? Well the good thing for them is that they get access to the best and brightest young talented students, so they don’t have to wait for university graduates or compete in the competitive graduate market. Basically it’s a way for businesses interested in employing school leavers to entice them straight after their GCSEs or A-levels.

Can you earn a salary on school leavers programmes?

You certainly can! In fact, as school leaver schemes continue to grow in popularity, employers need to offer even more competitive salaries to students looking for jobs after A levels and GCSEs to grab their attention. The school leaver program market is still fairly young so businesses are still working out how to much to pay people undertaking these schemes, but realistically you could be in a job paying up to £7.41 hourly, or anywhere between £15,500 to £21,500 yearly. How great is that for job straight out of school?!

Industries that offer great careers after A levels

So you know what the benefits are and what salary you could earn in school leavers careers. Now you need to know what industries typically offer these opportunities. It goes without saying that school leaver vacancies can often be found within the banking, finance and accountancy sector, populated by huge global businesses like PwC, Grant Thornton, Deloitte, KPMG and EY. Lots of these companies feature in our amazing Guide to Career Options 2015, so you should definitely check that out by clicking here to find out more about these employers and their school leaver careers. Other sectors featured in our guide that offers advice for school leavers include engineering (National Grid, Jaguar Land Rover), IT / technology (Virgin Media, IBM, Capgemini), the media (BBC), FMCG / retail (Aldi) and pharmaceuticals (GSK). There are plenty of school leaver programme opportunities out there, so always make sure you do your research to find the one that’s perfect for you. * WIN AN IPAD! All you have to do is sign up for an account. Click here to register for your FREE RateMyApprenticeship profile. THOUSANDS OF COMPANY REVIEWS! These have been written by students like you so you know you can trust them. Check them out today to see who you could work for. STUDENT ADVICE! Find LOADS of great hints and tips. Click here to take a look now.]]>