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Close your eyes, and imagine where you’ll be in ten years. Are you working in business? Business higher apprenticeships are fantastic pathway to a career in business. If you’re doing your A-levels, and you’re eager to get into the business industry, a business higher apprenticeship might be the right option for you. With this in mind, RateMyApprenticeship is here to explain how business higher apprenticeships work, where you can find vacancies, and why you simply have to apply for a scheme.
If you are considering applying for a higher apprenticeship, read our Guide to Higher Apprenticeships. The guide has all the information, facts and marvellous stats you need to make your crucial career decisions.

What is a business higher apprenticeship?

A business higher apprenticeship is a school leaver scheme, which combines substantial on-the-job training with academic study. Higher apprenticeships have been designed for students who have finished their A-levels, to provide them with a work-based, academic qualification, and a real future. Higher Apprentices work for an employer in the business sector, and study for nationally certified qualifications on the side. Business higher apprenticeships are an opportunity for you to gain great qualifications, develop practical work skills, and get work experience in the business sector. In addition, higher apprentices in business are paid a wage for the duration of their scheme. Not to mention, there are no fees or debts lurking at the end of the apprenticeship. If you don’t want to go to university after finishing your A-levels, this could be the best option for you!

Here is a short video about the BBC’s Business Higher Apprenticeship. This is an opportunity to work with one of the UK’s biggest companies!

How do business higher apprenticeships work?

Higher business apprentices split their time between a college/training provider and the workplace. It is important to emphasise, higher apprentices spend the majority of their time working with their employer. Each higher apprenticeship will be organised differently, but they generally follow the same structure. For instance, you could spend four days in a week with your company, and one day studying at college. Or, you might spend a number of weeks with the company, and have a 5-day block release to study at college. These courses can last between three to four years. The entry requirements for higher apprenticeships in business can also differ from scheme to scheme. In particular, employers are looking for school leavers who…
  • are 18 years or older
  • have at least two A-levels
  • or an advanced apprenticeship
It is a point often overlooked – employers accept candidates that have completed an advanced apprenticeship. If you don’t have A-levels, you can still qualify for higher apprenticeships in business. School leavers that complete business higher apprenticeships are awarded with…
  • Level 4 Competence Qualification 
  • knowledge based qualification – (Higher National Diploma, foundation degree or undergraduate degree)

“In terms of academic qualifications, you’re likely to have five GCSEs Grade A* – C and studied A Levels or a vocational qualification such as a BTEC. Don’t worry if you don’t have these, we are looking for creative, passionate people with great ideas, not necessarily people with academic qualifications. So don’t talk yourself out of this great opportunity.” (BBC Careers, 2016)

Business Higher Apprenticeships: What will I be studying?

If you do a higher apprenticeship in business, you will be trained to be familiar with general business principles. Each scheme may specialise in a different area. Your employer might focus on a certain area that is relevant to their business. It could be…
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • People Management
  • Contract Law
  • Operations
  • Project Management
  • Research Projects
The world is your oyster.

The best business higher apprenticeships?

There are business higher apprenticeships on offer from a wide-range of companies in the business industry. As shown above, each apprenticeship may focus on a different area of business. With this in mind, how do you go about finding the scheme that is right for you? RateMyApprenticeship has thousands of reviews of apprenticeships, with some of the UK’s biggest and smallest companies. Each review is written by an apprentice, and offers a candid insight into the day-to-day life of a higher apprentice in the business sector. Here is an sample of a review, from a business higher apprenticeship with Boots:
Please give an overview of your role and what this involves on a day-to-day basis: I am working with the HR Partners team, Pharmacy HR. We look after the human resources issues for the pharmacy staff within Boots, and support them throughout their HR queries. At the moment I am working on a Learning and Development project, and as my apprenticeship continues I will be working on resourcing, recognition and management.  To what extent do you enjoy your programme? I enjoy the programme because of its variety, and the way the two years are organised. We spend half-a-day-a-week at college, which enables us the complete our qualifications. There are also lots of additional qualifications we can complete. The atmosphere of the apprenticeship and the planning behind it is great, not just around work but also the team building events with the rest of my apprenticeship group. I really get the feeling I am valued within the business; everyone just wants me to succeed.
The reviews also reveal valuable information about salary, and the opportunities available outside of work. If you are considering applying for a business higher apprenticeship, our reviews are a must-read. They can be your treasure map and survival guide, as you search for a scheme that is perfect for you. To read the full review, and to access all of our reviews of higher apprenticeships, click here →
In short, a higher apprenticeship in business is a cracking opportunity for you to get into the business industry after you leave school. Furthermore, you will be paid for the duration of the scheme, while avoiding the fees and debts of university. Regardless of the money involved, a business higher apprenticeship will provide you with the skills you need to prosper in the business sector. You will have the qualifications, the knowledge, and the practical work experience that employers go bananas for.
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