Back to school blues?

Dodgy tan lines, braids/cornrows/dreadlocks (delete as appropriate) and a henna tattoo (possibly gone wrong). Just as you’re feeling too cool for school, the summer has passed you by before your shoulders have even stopped peeling. Not to worry, hopefully you’re feeling refreshed and raring to go after the holidays but if you are not buzzing in the slightest… Here’s our advice. giphy (33)

If you’re going into Y10 or Y11:

The amount of times you’ll hear the word ‘GCSEs’ in the next year or two will be painful, yes, but this next couple of years is an exciting time. Say goodbye to those subjects you loathed going to, whether it was R.E. or P.E (or something else completely) and say hello to specialising in subjects you love! However, it’s never too early to start thinking about what you want to do next. Infact, checking out your options now would be a great way to get a head start. Check out your options after you leave school here and also take a look at some of the industries you could work in as well as the companies. Sign up to RMA now to personalise your profile and keep up to date with all things school leaver. Trust us, the next year or two are going to ‘Fly By’, to quote a popular music band of the early 2000s ‘Blue’, who perhaps you’ve not really heard of because you’re too young (awks).

If you’re going into Y12 or Y13:

Whether it’s A-levels, an IB, BTEC, NVQ, apprenticeship, school leaver programmes (your options go on and on) our advice is the same. Going from the top of the school in Year 11 to a *newbie* all over again (unless your school has a sixth form and then you’re pretty much as big time as they come), this is a great way to start a fresh and perhaps even work on some of your naughty habits (pro-procrastinator sound like you?) New academic year, new you. How cliche but why not work on something like….
  1. Becoming more organised with a diary and pre-planning coursework to get it done before the deadline (what an absurd thought)
  2. Striking a balance between academic work, a part time job and trying to hold on to your social life as best you can.
  3. Something else. Whatever you think is an area you could improve on, why not work on it from now? It’s great to understand your strengths and weaknesses as a person so why not have a little think about what you want to get better at.
Another piece of advice from us in the next couple of years you really need to think about what you want to do next. We know this can be pretty confusing and overwhelming but you know what? Try and see this as exciting because you have so many different options available to you; from going to uni to get a degree to doing an apprenticeship to get a degree! Have a little look at your career options here, the industries you could work in here, the employers you could work for here  and finally, reviews from people who have been there, done that  here 

If you’ve finished education forever:

If you haven’t got anything lined up next then September is a great month to assess your options. Many apprenticeships and similar schemes (see here) are open all year round, with others typically opening between September-February. Schemes can often have quite strict deadlines so make sure you have a look at some applications you might want to apply to and note the opening and closing dates down in your diary (or your phone, if having a diary is so not the done thing these days). If you’re off uni, you might want to check out our best friend ratemyplacement for loads of uni related advice but if you’re about to start an apprenticeship, school leaver programme or something similar then stick with us (sign up here) and we’ll be here for you as a little guiding hand. If you’ve got the first day jitters, check out our reviews here and try and find your company.  This is a great way to help you understand what you can expect to happen on your first day or first few weeks.

So what next?

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