Advanced Apprenticeships in Business

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Have you ever been watching The Apprentice, or Dragon’s Den, and thought… I’d quite like a career in business? Advanced apprenticeships in business are a great pathway towards a career in the business industry.

If you’re currently doing your GCSEs, and the idea of A-level’s and university doesn’t appeal, an advanced apprenticeship could be the option for you.

Read on for our guide to advanced apprenticeships in business; how they work, where to find vacancies, and why they could be your first step on a journey to becoming the next Lord Sugar.

For an in-depth overview of advanced apprenticeships, check out our career options guide: Advanced Apprenticeships. It has all the information you need about advanced apprenticeships in a wide-range of industries, in locations across the UK.

What is an advanced apprenticeship in business?

An advanced apprenticeship in business is a scheme that combines practical work with academic study. Advanced apprentices are employed by a company in the business industry, and receive on-the-job training. This is coupled with academic work, where an apprentice will work towards nationally certified qualifications. A business higher apprenticeship is fantastic opportunity for you to get great qualifications, and valuable work experience in the business industry. If you do an advanced apprenticeship, you will be paid a wage for the duration of the scheme. Moreover, you will avoid paying tuition fees. Yes, you heard right! The fees for business advanced apprenticeships are covered by the government, while your wages are paid by your employer. In essence, advanced apprentices earn while they learn practical work skills in the business industry. It’s like watching a David Attenborough documentary – educational and worthwhile.

This video is about the Business Administration advanced apprenticeship, offered by Unilever. Listen to the apprentices rejoice about their apprenticeship journey.

How do advanced apprenticeships in business work?

Advanced apprenticeships in business can last anywhere between 18 to 24 months. If you are accepted on to a scheme, you will split your time between your employer and your training provider. The vast majority of a business advanced apprenticeship is spent working in industry. In particular, you will be developing practical work skills; possibly being trained for a specific role or job within a company. On the side, you will work towards relevant qualifications at a college, or an external training centre. Each one of these schemes can be structured differently. For example, you might work with your employer for a number of consecutive weeks, and then spend a full week at college, focusing on the academic area of your qualification. On the other hand, some advanced apprenticeships are organised so that you will spend four days of your week in the workplace, and one day at college. The structure of advanced apprenticeships in business generally depend on the company you are working for.

What qualifications will you earn?

If you do an advanced apprenticeship in business, you will be awarded with…
  • Level 3 Competence Qualification
  • Key Skills
  • knowledge based certificate (possibly a business-related BTEC)
These qualifications are equivalent to two A-levels! In addition, if you want to move further up the apprenticeship ladder, a business advanced apprenticeship will qualify you for a higher apprenticeship.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for an advanced apprenticeship in business can vary from employer to employer. Generally, employers will require applicants to have 5 GCSEs (A*-C), or to have completed an intermediate apprenticeship. However, some employers will consider applicants who have relevant work experience, or who have a keen interest or knowledge of the business industry.

19% of advanced apprentices progress to higher education. (Skills Funding Agency)

The best advanced apprenticeships in business?

There are a wide-variety of advanced apprenticeships in business on offer from employer’s across the UK. With so many fantastic advanced apprenticeships on offer, it can be mighty difficult to choose a scheme. How do you pick out a scheme that has the content, structure and environment for you to thrive in? RateMyApprenticeship has over 2,500 reviews of advanced apprenticeships, written by the apprentices who completed them. The reviews provide a revealing and honest insight into the schemes run by some of the UK’s top employers. If you unsure of what scheme to apply for, our reviews can give you the valuable information you need to make your decision. The reviews focus on the enjoyment of the programme, course structure, the support networks in place, and the social opportunities available outside of work. If you are considering applying for an advanced apprenticeship with a particular company, the reviews will give you an insight into what it is like to work for said company. Information about the salaries that different employers offer are also available in the reviews. If you’re applying for an advanced apprenticeship in business, our reviews are a must-read. Click here to be directed to our reviews page.

 Should I do a business advanced apprenticeship?

If you are finishing, or have just finished your GCSEs, and you’re itching for a career in business, an advanced apprenticeship is an option you should seriously consider. Here’s why…
  • An advanced apprenticeship is a pathway to higher education. If you complete an advanced apprenticeship in business, you will be eligible for a higher apprenticeship, and eventually a degree!
  • If you do an advanced apprenticeship, you will have the priceless opportunity to work with experienced business professionals. Not only is this a chance to learn from experts in the field, but a chance to build a network of contacts inside the industry, that you could rely upon in your future career.
  • The qualifications earned from an advanced apprenticeship in business are nationally certified, and widely respected.
  • Advanced apprentices earn a wage for the duration of their scheme. In addition, there are no fees or student debts lurking at the end of an apprenticeship.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, advanced apprentices are highly employable! The combination of on-the-job training with academic training provides apprentices with the skills, experience and qualifications that all employers look for. Advanced apprentices are work-ready!

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