How to actually LOVE Public Speaking… At an Assessment Centre!

“Be Prepared or Prepare to Fail” When you get the title or topic for your presentation, take a second to think about what the employer / tutor is asking of you. The worst thing you can do is jump to conclusions and realise five hours before that you’ve got the wrong end of the stick. Once you’ve:

  • Dissected the topic
  • Completed all of your extra research
  • Decided on your argument (if relevant)
… it’s time to decide a structure.  Having a structure will allow you to remain focused on what is being asked of you, what your key message or finding is and allow you to stay on track. Additionally, it will allow you to delegate the appropriate timings for each finding / heading allowing you to deliver your presentation in the allocated time. Being prepared will allow you to feel confident in the material you are presenting and means you will have one less thing to worry about. Keep it Simple We are all guilty of over complicating information to make it sound swanky and intelligent. When it comes to public speaking –  our advice here is, don’t. There is nothing worse than using a thesaurus on every word to make yourself sound extremely fancy when actually what you’re saying makes no sense! (Think Joey from Friends). With the addition of memorising the key facts and content in the mix, it’s a recipe for disaster. (Note here: avoid having a basket of notes, create some prompts on a cue card to help you remember the key points.) Make the information you’re relaying / introducing clear and concise. A simple format will allow your audience to digest everything you’re saying and truly understand it. Smile… Frowning will not win you brownie points or set the greatest tone for the next 15 minutes, so SMILE! It automatically lightens the mood, allows you and your audience to relax and makes you look cool, calm and collected. Don’t forget to give eye contact too, it allows the audience to be engaged and remain interested throughout your presentation.   Start as You Mean to Go On Grab your audience’s attention; remember they are going to be watching several presentations that day so make yours memorable. You can do this by:
  • Starting with a question
  • Telling a story about yourself or situation which links to the presentation
  • A video / image with impact
  Relax and Enjoy It… You’ve done all the hard work so take a deep breath and smash it! Really get stuck in, enjoy the moment and LOVE public speaking. The first couple of minutes are the hardest but just know that RateMyAppenticeship are rooting for you.   Merry Christmas and good luck!]]>