The 7 Stages of Results Day

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Results day is only a few sleeps away. Whether it's the results of your GCSEs or your A levels, we wish you all the luck in the world!

Soon you'll awake to the sounds of your alarm and your parents trying to ease your nerves.

'I'm sure chemistry will be fine,' they'll say.

You'll be but hours away from the most important results of your school career.  To get you through from now until then, here are the seven moments to prepare for before you open your results. 

7 Days Before...

7 days before results day you realise, blimey, it's results day in 7 days.

This time next week your fate will be revealed. The thought suddenly sends you into a meltdown. In panic, you begin planning a way out, an escape.

The Lake District is a option. Nobody would find you there. You could go off on an impromptu fishing trip, and never return. 

2 Days Before...

48 hours before results day you start preparing yourself for the best and worst scenarios. 

If your results go well, you’ve already planned your evening of celebrations, picked your outfit and got the gang together.

Although you’re trying to remain optimistic, your mind will also wander on the worst case scenario and you plan your back up in case it all goes wrong.

Join the circus or retake your final year? Decisions, decisions...

12 Hours Before...

12 hours before, you pull an all-nighter. Sleep was realistically never going to happen. 

1 hour before...

1 hour before you open your results, you begin the pilgrimage to school.

Delaying tactics are put into practice immediately. Your walk becomes a leisurely stroll. You take left and right turns that you've never taken before. Each time you walk past an exceptionally-maintained hedge or flower bed, you pause and admire it. 

The journey usually takes 20 minutes, but three-quarters of an hour later, you're still admiring the hedge. 

15 minutes before...

15 minutes before you open your results, you make mental notes of all possible escape routes should you need to make a swift exit. 

The window on the fourth floor is probably too high up, but there is a gap in the fence outside the science department...

5 minutes before...

5 minutes before you open your GCSE or A level results, you approach the school gate.

You avoid the 'clever kids', all stood in a huddle, confidently discussing their impending results. Friends are shunned, especially if they have their parents with them. And teachers - teachers are avoided like the plague. 

30 seconds before...

​30 seconds before you open your results, you spot the photographer from the local paper. 

​In a sudden surge of confidence, you decide to open your exam results in perfect view of the photographer. If all goes well, you're certain to make the front page of the local gazette. 

After you've opened your results...

​After you have opened the pale brown envelope and your results are revealed, it does not matter if you are delighted or disappointed; it does not matter if you want to skip all the the way home, or go into hiding, and live amongst the deer in a nearby forest. 

All that matters is what you do next!

What will be your next step? Do you have the grades to get into your first choice university or apprenticeship scheme? Are you going to go straight into work? Will it be the circus? Will you resit? What options are available to you?

RateMyApprenticeship is here to guide you through your career options. Before your results arrive, and before you decide to skip home or runaway with the deer, check out our jobs page and see what paths are open to you. 

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