50 New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Want to Stick to

Have you got big plans for 2020? You might be thinking of starting your own business, or taking up a new hobby, like Owling. Or you might just want to kick a few bad habits. 

Whatever you’ve got in mind, this is the time to start.

So, we’ve put together a whopping list of 50 New Year’s Resolutions to kick you off. (You’re welcome). 

10 Resolutions for a Productive Year...

  • Limit your social media scrolling to just half an hour a day.
  • Reply to your emails (even the junk ones if you fancy it).
  • Prep your meals! #PrepLikeABoss 
  • Set clear goals for each day to stay focused and increase productivity.
  • Note your achievements at the end of every day.
  • Update your CV (or create one if you haven't already).
  • Find work experience or an apprenticeship.
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  • 10 Resolutions for a Healthy Year...

    • Buy a whole cabbage and eat it in one sitting.
    • Do some lunges whilst waiting for your class to begin.
    • Buy a gym membership (and try to go more than once).
    • Banning chocolate will only make you want it more! Everyone deserves a #cheatday.
    • Drink water. This is just basic survival advice.
    • Simple adjustments can work a treat, take the stairs instead of the lift.
    • Dance it out! Dancing fills you with endorphins AND burns calories. 
    • Bake cupcakes. Give them to other people.
    • Run a marathon. Or one-tenth of a marathon.
    • Healthy mind = healthy body. Download a mindfulness app like Headspace on your phone! 

    Help others be... Productive? Healthy? Wholesome? Random? Memorable?

    10 Resolutions for a Wholesome Year...

    • Volunteer at your local charity shop.
    • Befriend an elderly person. Your grandparents don't count.
    • Give your long distance friend a well overdue call. 
    • Leave a nice note inside your library book for the next reader.
    • Make time every week to do something you love.
    • Cook a five course meal.
    • Keep learning! Watch a documentary that you know nothing about. 
    • Help out at your local conservation centre #SaveTheBees.
    • Give yourself something to look forward to every month.
    • Give a compliment to a friend each day. Even if you have to lie.

    10 resolutions for a Random Year...

    • Buy some Sudoku toilet paper. 
    • Visit a fortune teller and give THEM a reading.
    • Dig a hole in the garden. Then fill it back up.
    • No idea who the Dave in your contacts is? Give Dave a call. 
    • Get a piercing (or a tattoo). Or both.
    • Go to a concert for an artist whose music you've never heard.
    • Plan three DIY projects to complete.
    • Start and finish a 1000-piece puzzle.
    • Have a movie marathon. Rom-coms get bonus points.
    • Make conversation with a stranger on the bus.

    10 Resolutions for a Memorable Year...

    • Print off a map. Close your eyes. Point at it. Go visit where you land.
    • Learn a new language. In 6 months.
    • Attempt to break a world record.
    • Go on holiday with nothing but a single backpack.
    • Dance the night away under the stars.
    • Land your dream apprenticeship or work experience.
    • Book to see a Westend Musical.
    • Go out for dinner and only order dessert. 
    • At the end of every day, write down something noteworthy that you did.
    • Audition for something: a play, open mic night, The X Factor… 

    There we have it. 50 new year resolutions to keep you entertained (and very busy) throughout 2020.

    Dancing under the stars not your thing? Perhaps this is your year to take the first steps in your career...

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    It just might be the best thing you do all year.